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Are you interested in Learning a New Breed of Self-Defense? Using Real Life Situations to Protect Yourself.


The Art of Truth, Justice and Righteousness! A New Breed of Martial Arts!

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Are you tired of training the same movements and not learn the basic self-defense tactics.

Do you want to learn real life self-defense techniques using a combination of different martial arts to protect you and your family.

Why Ma'at Defense? Here's why


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Why Ma'at Defense? What makes it different?

Ma'at Defense focuses on reality rather than giving the student a false sense of security in the techniques taught in many traditional martial arts systems.

Many martial arts systems are visually designed to look a certain way someone with experience can tell Kung Fu when they see it as opposed to Karate and the same goes for Taekwondo.

The biggest issue with many of the traditional martial arts that are seen in today's world whether it be in movies or on small TV shows is that these systems were developed hundreds of years ago in a time where combat and warfare was completely different. In today's world there's far less honor in warfare It's simply about winning and the same goes for street fighting. Instead of focusing on stances and hand postures that are meant to show a certain style or to be flashy.

Ma'at Defense will teach you how to use the right moves in situations that people have to deal with in today's world and when will not waste time teaching you stylistic things that will not assist you in your everyday life. You will learn balance and strength by practicing movements that you do every single day You will learn how to defend in physical positions that you are in every single day from standing at the bus stop with your feet close together or walking down the street at a regular pace. You will learn how to react peacefully and explosively at the same time.

Each person will learn differently because everyone's body is different but with training you will see what you personally are capable of and I guarantee it will be eye-opener for all who give it a chance.

The Values and Principles of MA'AT

Who Am I?

My name is Jaron Johnson and I have 25+ years experience in Montu Arts/Self Defense. I have studied in many systems such as Kyokushin Karate, Taekwondo, Shito-Ryu Karate and Kenpo Karate, Judo and Wing Chun. I have also trained many years in Muay Thai Kickboxing and MMA and competed as well . All of my training has brought me to the development of my own method which focuses on realistic self defense with emphasis on any area of fighting giving you the ability to defend yourself in multiple situations, whether it be striking , kicking or grappling. The focus is to achieve physical skill as well as mental skill regardless of previous experience.

Jaron Johnson


Mr. Johnson has taught me more real life situation to protect myself using simple movements. 

Joshua Villarino


Jaron, is very good teacher in Self-Defense. He teaches real life situation and easy to implement it.


Mr. Johnson is a great teacher he explains everything that is used in Self-Defense


Are you interested in a new breed of Self-Defense?


Register for a Introductory Training Session Below!

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